Amazon Web Services & Security in 2019

Amazon Web Services & Security in 2019

As we know that Amazon is among the top organizations who secure their data at the first priority. Amazon web services AWS is there to have a secure network and it is very strict when the matter of security comes on the way. This is because the Amazon is among the organizations that hold critical data of some other businesses applications and their important information which cannot be shared with anyone. The data of the top most banks, some government entities, and the well known streaming services like Spotify and Netflix cannot be breached by Amazon otherwise people will definitely go mad.

Amazon’s security plan

Amazon has a strict plan about its data security and for the coming year they are also planning to have better security options to keep the data of Amazon safe and secure. Amazon Web Services AWS has the best security bar than the other competitors and this is the main reason why many businesses trust Amazon. Amazon provides what their customers expect from them in terms of their data security and this makes the best element for Amazon. Their customers are always willing to put their trust in this organization regarding their business information and their data.

It is assumed by the customers that they are able to manage their data so secure because they have hired hundreds of employees responsible for taking care of their data in their Security operation centre SOC. But in fact, there is no Security operation centre of Amazon, told the security in charge of the cloud giant.

Some views of president of security engineering

The president of security engineering says that he loves whenever someone asks him about the SOC of Amazon and I tell them that we do not have any here at Amazon. Isn’t it interesting that a person that is also the AWS Chief of information security officer tells their customer about it.

He added that he has only one security engineer and does not have a group of people sitting in a private room in front of their monitors.

He also told that they have a back up team too but they are just doing nothing, they are just taking care of the automation. They are only here to take control if any mishap happens.

He tells that the whole system is automated and everything that is being expected to be done by the humans is carried away through the automated systems. This is the reason why Amazon has a flawless security system and it has never failed the expectations of its customers.

He says that in hiring humans and giving them the hold, there are chances that they may make the human errors, but in case of automated system there is no chance of such errors. The automated system is auditable and the best thing is, it is repeatable. He says that an organization this huge may need a plenty of teams of people while the system alone is enough and reliable.

In the automation of security processes, there is no chance of getting a change in behavior like in case of human; the behavior of the human resources may change with their moods and health. He believes that a cloud for the security purpose is a best option for the organization like Amazon.