Facebook & Instagram adds watch and expands its Ad breaks

Facebook & Instagram adds watch and expands its Ad breaks

Although it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is still early to say for the fakebook’s video play watch party is becoming successful. The early reports show that Facebook isn’t gaining actual significance in the matter of its watch party which it should gain this week. Facebook has also launched its own usage data and it highlights both challenges and the potentials for Facebook in the upcoming time.

But still it’s quite interesting for us to see that how Facebook has actually worded its release by saying that it is now three months over for the global launch of watch party and currently there are more than 400 million people per month and out of those 75 million are those people who daily spend there at least one minute for watch and if it’s seen on an average basis, these 75 million daily visitors spending their 20 minutes on watch.

It can easily be seen that people are now coming back on Facebook for catching up the videos which they really do care for and they are watching them for respectively a longer span of time.

Well this number is great, and it should sound good, but the matter of fact here is how you perceive it. For some people, this number of 400 million per month is equal to 17.6 percent of total Facebook Mau’s counts and that is almost even less than the quarter of users the Facebook owes are just they are checking the watch every time.

Now another thing here which isn’t like more important to the watch publishers is that if they are seeing important view counts and if they are getting 100 million of dedicated viewers for each month, this is no doubt a good result. But somehow, the publishers aren’t seeing the situation to be like that. When they break down the next bunch of statistics,

Instagram notices that there would be 75 million of followers who daily are spending at least one minute for the watch and that is not a very high retention value which at least a minute. Instagram has said that if taken at average, those followers out of the total 75 million spend more than 20 minutes in the watch but in an average, it is skewed by a smaller percentage which is watching out.

Otherwise why Facebook would report as such like one-minute view for the time statistics at all which is worth noting for to be back in August and the research had suggested that Facebook watch had got the base of about 50 million viewers that have got a highly active group which was around 14 million users. It seemed like that the smaller group would be driving for the overall view time that higher. Most essentially, the highest figures for Facebook show its growth but the significant barriers to be highlighted for the entry of Facebook must scale so that it could challenge Netflix.