Social Media Today’s Community Survey; Organizational Challenges Marketers Face

Social Media Today’s Community Survey; Organizational Challenges Marketers Face

As there are just few days left for the next year so there are many upcoming predictions and surveys being made for many latest trends which can be related to social media marketing, technology, science, research etc. The most talked about survey is the Social Media Today which discusses all the major details about the social media platforms and the trends for the upcoming year 2019. The survey was being taken by Social Media Today or the SMT community. There were over 500 social media marketers who responded to the SMT community survey.

The whole survey is broken down into few major portions which will cover the whole survey in general. The first major thing which is discussed in the SMT’s survey is the “Key Social Media Channels to focus for the marketers. The second major topic discussed is the “Where the brands are going to post their ads and the ads budget in 2019”. The third major topic in the SMT’s survey is the “What are the key goals that the digital marketers focus on in the upcoming year”. The fourth major topic which is discussed in the SMT’s survey is the “ What organizational challenges marketers face in achieving success”. For this article we will discuss about the fourth topic which is the organizational challenges that are being faced by the marketers.

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Social media marketers were firstly asked about that which team manages their social advertising? This question was the first because many companies have their own team inside the company which manages the social media advertising. Some companies hire agencies and some go for social media consultants. The majority portion was of the companies which have their own social media advertising teams to handle the social media business.

The reason behind it was that many companies feel comfortable being able to control the social media messages and always being there to influence their brands position in the social media platforms. Due to this reason there are now very less companies that go for Social media consultants as all the major brands are now fully invested in developing and training their own team of social media advertisers which will help them their brand to be successful in the advertising campaigns. Another main question asked in the survey on the basis of organizational challenges is the support of the social media from the executives of the companies which the answer was ‘Yes’ in the majority that the executives do support social media.

Nowadays the social media marketing is being changed, it is not just about that how much the companies are earning from the advertising campaigns, but it is about how much the brands have created their influence in the social media platforms. This influence comes in the shape of followers. The more followers on Instagram you have, the more are your chances to increase the sales. Through the influence brands has an advantage position in social media community which is very helpful and good for the brands and other businesses.