Some great cities in the Arab world

Some great cities in the Arab world

The Arab World is among the most catchy and attractive places for people. It is rich in culture and tradition and provides a lot for a person to learn. Due to its unique lifestyle and various attraction points, it gathers countless people from all over the world on a regular basis. Tourists often love to visit the region and enjoy some time there. Here, we are going to list some of the best cities that you will find in this region.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It is the most visited place in the Middle East. Several million people from the world visit this place for the personal as well as for the business purposes. Dubai is considered as the hub of the business industry. Therefore, most of the businessmen visit this place for the promotion of their company and trade each year. It contains several great places such as Dubai Mall.

  • Cairo, Egypt

It is the most popular place to visit in this area. It contains some of the most visited and popular places such as pyramids of Giza, Sakkara tour, Khan al-Khalil souk and the Egyptian museum.

  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia

It is the religious place of the Muslim. Several million people come here to perform the Hajj and Umrah each year. It is the respectable place for the Muslims. In 2015, 9 million people were recorded who visited this place. It is the most visited and respectable place for the Muslims all over the globe.

  • Beirut, Lebanon

The Civil war in the Lebanon destroyed the city of the Beirut, but despite this fact, millions of the people visit this place each year. It contains the religious and tourists attractive sites such as Catholic churches, Orthodox churches, and mosques.

  • Amman, Jordan

Amman is the capital of Jordan. It is recorded as the most visited place in the Middle East. Most visited places in the Amman contain the ancient theaters, towers, and one of the best places to visit in the city is the mosque of King Abdullah.

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The King of the Saudi Arabia lives in Riyadh. It is considered as the modern city in the Saudi Arabia due to its unique, modern and glass buildings. Famous places in the Riyadh include the Faisal Tower, mismark fortress and palace of the Saad bin Saud. It is also the capital of Saudi Arabia.

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

It is the federal capital of the state. It is famous due to its calm environment and possess some famous places such as Yass water world, beaches, and the other attractive places.

  • Casablanca, Morocco

It is the largest city in the Africa and the Maghreb. It is famous due to its developed economy in the Arab world. It contains the most adorable buildings such as the old Medina and Hassan II Mosque.

  • Qatar

It is the richest country in the Arab world thanks to the oil reserves found here. The country has some lavish spots which are visited by the travelers each year. It is located in the southwest Asia.

  • Ephesus, Turkey

It is one of the famous places in the ancient world. It represents the culture of the Arab. Several famous places are situated in the turkey which are watchful for the travelers. It is one of the biggest cities in the Arab world.