What to do when multiple hairs in one follicle grow out?

What to do when multiple hairs in one follicle grow out?

The multiple hairs in one follicle are due to the genetic anomaly and this condition is not associated with shaving as many people believed. The symptoms of this rare hair condition are ignored by most of the people because it is harmless. This condition can occur in many places over your body and it can give you unnecessary distress. In this post, we will discuss the ways that will help you to reduce this hair problem.

Solution of multiple hairs in one follicle


This problem can annoy you when you see multiple hairs. Most of the people start to pluck these hairs but the multiple hairs originate from one follicle. Also, these hairs have deeper roots in the skin as compared to the normal hairs. But sometimes plucking can help you to reduce it as when you pluck them out, it destroys the base of follicles that reduce the growth.


Although, shaving is not the permanent solution of this condition it is the cheap and instant solution to get rid of this problem. But there are a lot of chances of developing the infection if you continually adopt this method to get away from this problem.


Electrolysis is a permanent solution that makes your hair follicle “fall sleep” and in that way, you will have the complete removal of multiple hairs in one follicle. Besides its benefits, it is a very expensive treatment to get away from this condition. So, it is good leaving them alone unless it causes the infection and irritation.


The other treatment that is a permanent method to remove the multiple hair follicles is cryosurgery. In this treatment, the two hair one follicle is treated by freezing the skin. But like electrolysis, it is also costly treatment. So, if it’s distracting you, just let them alone.

Can Two Hairs in One Follicle Be Prevented?

According to medical research, you can’t be prevented as it is a genetic disorder. It’s not possible to treat the genetic disorders despite the advanced medical technology. But there are some precautionary measures that can prevent you from infection, Inflammation and irritation. Following are some things that you can try:

  • Avoid Chronic Sun Exposure:

Don’t spend long hours in the sunlight. Cover your body and head when you go outside. The ultraviolet rays can damage the hair follicles and increase the infection. If you have an infection, it’s good to keep indoors.

  • Use Skin-Sensitive Products:

Use the gentle and skin sensitive products like lotions, shampoos, soaps, sunscreens, and conditioners. Check the products before you buy.

  • Reduce Frequency of Hair Treatments:

Don’t get hair treatments if you have a severe problem. Try to keep them to the minimum. Don’t go for hair straightening, hair tools, and blow drying.


It is suggested that keep your hair short and wear short hairstyles to get rid of multiple hairs in one follicle. Also, avoid the aging treatment medication such as isotretinoin and others.