Who is Kimberly Anne Scott? Know about her volatile relation with Eminem

Who is Kimberly Anne Scott? Know about her volatile relation with Eminem

Kimberly Anne Scott is famous for being the wife of award-winning American rapper, Eminem. She became her love interest when they met for the first time at a friend’s party. Both were a teenager but they started dating shortly after their very first meeting. Kim started to stay at Eminem’s home with her sister because she ran away from home due to his drug abusive step-father. It was the beginning of their love-and-hate relationship that lasts 16 years. Let’s take a look and know about Kimberly Scott and her volatile relationship with her ex-husband Eminem.

Dating and first marriage:

The couple started dating in 1989 and called their relation quit in 1996 just after the birth of their first child. In 1995, Kimberly got pregnant and gave birth to their daughter Hailie on the day of Christmas of that same year. The hate part of their relationship started between the two during that time period and they decided to break up in 1996. After their separation, Kim moved to Mockingbird with her daughter Hailie while Eminem moved back to his mother’s house. But the couple tried to sort out their differences and took the decision to get married for the sake of her daughter. They got married the first time in 1999.


But unfortunately, the volatile nature of Kim and her fidelity made this relationship tumultuous when she was seen kissing the other man. Eminem assaulted him and was arrested for beating him with the gun. Eminem mentioned that incident in his third album named “The Kiss (Skit)”. Eminem released a song named “Kim” after his arrest in 2000. This hit single of Eminem was just like the story-teller song that tells the audience Eminem is killing Kimberly Scott in response to Kim’s kissing affair with the bouncer of the nightclub. After this kissing drama, Eminem played Kim in his Up in the smoke tour and represent Kim as blow up doll. Kim got hurt and felt embracement and left his show. Kimberly Anne Scott attempted suicide by cutting her wrists when going back home. After that incident, Eminem filed divorce which was finalized in 2001.

Reconciliation & Re-Marriage

In the year 2004, the couple again started dating and Eminem proposed her on a Detroit radio station after one year of their dating. The couple reconciled and tie the knot on the 17th anniversary of their dating. But both did not sort out their differences and again got divorced after 72 days. The couple decided to share joint custody of their daughter. Later, Eminem received sole custody of his daughter due to Kim’s involvement in drug possession. Now, he has full custody of Hailie, Whitney, and Alaina Scott.


Kimberly Anne Scott spent life with Eminem like a bitter muse that fueled his career as a rapper. She made the life of a famous rapper a living hell. She compelled him to invent the shady that supposed to be real.