Will fast internet help the poor nations across the world

Will fast internet help the poor nations across the world

While increasing the reach of the internet to the whole world, it also includes its reach to the developing countries of the world where it is somehow considered to be the underappreciated means for the reduction in poverty. It has now been some years when the internet has been the reason to change millions of jobs and there are billions of economic activities which are somehow related and linked to the internet. Overall truly new sectors have emerged like there are social media, big data, and e-commerce.

In some countries, especially the developing ones, this internet is used to link the people with the modern economy and it is providing them with the opportunity for economic and social advancements. Yet still, 60 percent of the total population of the world still doesn’t use the internet. The problem here associated with this reach of the internet is the tendency for using such macro policy perspectives where a lot of decision-makers are showing their concerns for the equal access and the competition policies because this would have an effect over the local companies despite them being telecom operators or even internet providers. Well, these issues are of importance but they don’t tell the accurate reason that why most of the people are still not using the internet.


If we want everyone to be online, then one thing which is highly needed to do identification of is what the reason behind these people to remain unconnected with the rest of the world through the internet. In developing countries, using the internet for some of the people could be daunting because it is expensive and somehow they could also feel that it contains worthwhile content. Most of the non-internet users might be having no idea about how the online world may look like.

One of the barrier which couldn’t be ignored and that is important in this aspect is affordability and if anyone assumes the reasonable value in which the data is used per month like that could be 500 MB least which is high for most of the people and according to such statistics only 22 percent of the Chinese are those who could afford to pay the cost of that 500 MB data. Of course, this 500 MB here is taken as an example and if we take a look over the average consumption, it is still less than the average mobile data which is used in the developed countries per month. To make the people online at the global level, it is necessary that the price falls by almost 90 percent so that it could be affordable for everyone. Well, this is a step which couldn’t be taken because the internet costs are still going on negative for a lot of suppliers who are in developing countries.


In order to remove this affordability barrier, the thing which is needed is cheap means and more efficiency and this could be done by modernizing the infrastructure of data and conversion of the simplest modes of data to the new ones.