Youtube Stories – A way To Save Many Souls With Happiness

Youtube Stories – A way To Save Many Souls With Happiness

A New Tool for Marketers

Youtube stories first appeared with the name of Youtube Reels in early 2018. These short stories are similar to other story formats on social media websites such as Instagram, Snapchat etc. This feature is now fully available to all content creators on Youtube with more than 10k subscribers. These stories provide a new way for the channel owners to connect and stay in touch with their subscribers by posting short, informational videos and images as stories on their channels. Just after instagram stories were introduced like snapchat, youtube followed the way. However Instagram followers gave massive response to stories so expectation was also high from this video sharing platform. It may take up to four weeks for a creator to get this feature after hitting the 10k subscriber threshold. Followers can watch these stories and also directly respond to that by writing a comment or with a photo or video which will be viewable by everyone. These stories can stay as long as 7 days on a channel instead of the usual 24 hour format.

How these Stories are Viewable by Fans

Youtube stories can currently only be watched through the Youtube mobile application. You can simply watch the story from the subscription feed page or from their respective channels.

Watching Stories through the Subscription Feed

You can simply open the Youtube app from your phone and go the subscriptions tab. There at the top of the screen, you can see a thread of profile pics of all the content creators that you follow. If one of them posts a new story that you haven’t seen yet, their profile picture will be colored around its edges. To open the post, simply tap on the profile pic.

Youtube Stories

Creating a Youtube Story

Rather than at the Youtube Creator Studio, Youtube stories can only be created through the Youtube play app. Open the Youtube play app and go to the camera plus icon in the navigational bar around the upper side. Select the story icon, now you can either add an image or a video from your mobile gallery. You can also take a new photo, or even record a video from the app. Note that you can only add videos of length up to 15 seconds. You can also edit your images or videos from a assortment of editing contrivances.

Using Youtube Stories in a Strategic way

After understanding how Youtube stories work and how one can create them, you can use this newly added feature in many different ways in collaboration with the channel for your business marketing.

Reaching towards new Audience

One of the best ways to increase your market and reach towards new audience is to collaborate and work with someone who can complement your brand on their channel. You can make short videos about your business and tell the content creator to upload them as their Youtube stories as a sponsorship.

Making Announcements

If your brand consistently releases new products, sharing the word on Youtube in a Youtube story can generate a ton of attention. You can also link your business website containing new or information about that product or your brand aswell.

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